Monday, January 18, 2010

New UK assistant's potential recruits

As Signing Day gets closer UK still has a few slots to fill for 2010. Just to throw a monkey wrench into things I thought it would be fun to take a look at the recruits both David Turner and Mike Summers recruited at their previous schools.

David Turner:

Jamerson Love (3-Star CB) from Aberdeen, MS
Erik Buchanan (3-Star WR) from Aberdeen, MS
Michael Carr (3-Star ATH) from West Point, MS
Curtis Virges (3-Star DT) from West Point, MS
Mike Thornton (4-Star DT) from Stone Mountain, GA
Asian Ruff (3-Star DB) from Fulton, MS
Jerome Davis (3-Star DT) from Buford, GA
Brandon Hill (N/R ATH) from Crawford, MS

Mike Summers:

Cam Feldt (4-Star OT) from Pilot Point, TX
Luke Charpentier (3-Star OL) from River Ridge, LA
Jordan Rainey (3-Star OL) from Joplin, MO
Damien Robinson (4-Star OL) from Olive Branch, MI
Aleon Calhoun (3-Star OL) from Navasota, TX
Wes Rea (3-Star OL) from Gulfport, MS
Dalvin Glass (3-Star OL) from Dallas, TX
Parker Mack (3-Star OL) from Little Rock, AR

The majority of the players mentioned above have already committed to programs for 2010, but several have not. If either coach has established a relationship, especially with a player who they would directly coach, it’s possible the recruit would give UK a look. Chances are it’s too close to signing day now to make an impact, but remember, players don’t have to sign on signing day.

I would love to see David Turner and Joker Phillips visit Mike Thornton from Stone Mountain, Ga. The Cats already have commitments from three of his high school teammates so I wouldn’t completely rule it out.

One thing is clear, Joker knew he needed to improve recruiting and hired proven recruiters to bring the talent to Lexington. Also, take a look at the states both Turner and Summers recruited for their previous schools. UK hasn’t had much success in Mississippi or Texas and both coaches could open some doors in those states.


  1. I have often thought that opening up Tex, Ala, Miss, and Flordia more would definitely benefit our beloved felines

  2. The Cats have to pull some recruits from Florida and Texas. We need to create a few other pipelines.

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