Monday, January 18, 2010

UK Chances on Most Notable Names

Well all, it definitely looks like the calm before the storm, so I'll take a few and make some "predictions" regarding some of the recruits UK has been after (of course, I will probably be wrong and then you know what will happen).

Here goes:

Storm Johnson 0% chance of being a CAT, he stays at THE U

Xavier McFadden even money to not be here (probably waited just a little late to be a CAT, but hey, anything can happen. Both He and His dad say that he wants to be one bad, so we shall see)

Jerrell Priester less than 15% chance of being a CAT, He either stays with Vandy or goes to a Prep School

Tim Patterson less than 20% chance of being a CAT, He hangs with the Cardinals

D. J. Howard less than 35% chance of being a CAT, He will hang with Auburn

Maudrecus Humphrey less than 30% chance of being a CAT, Arkansas (at least from what I read)

Dyjuan Lewis less than 30% chance of being a CAT, will land Anywhere but UK, but there would be nowhere that he would fit it better, nor be more appreciated

Sam Gibson a CAT (supposedly met with Joker last night, but still no news)

Brandon Gainor less than 35% chance of being a CAT

Rajaan Bennett less than 25% chance of being a CAT, will be A Vol (he wants to be there, don't know why, he will never play, but if he wants it, it certainly seems to be his for the taking)

Lamar Ivey 65% chance he will be A CAT (seems to be a darkhorse and I like the odds, can be here if he wants to be here)
Of course, there are always a few surprises for the day, and truthfully, I can not wait to see who we do wind up signing for this class.
I think that the strength of this class will surprise some people in a few years. It is deep in certain areas, but it is not flashy in any one particular area.
REVISON: It has come to my attention that Brandon Gainor has not taken ANY of his recruiting visits or at least not many of them; hence, it is not fair to judge him based on this information. My sincere apologies to Brandon, his family, coaches and all involved in his recruiting for obviously misunderstanding his situation within the recruiting process. Obviously, Brandon is about to make one of the most important decisions that he will ever make in his life. Best of Luck Brandon, wherever you wind up!

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