Saturday, January 16, 2010

Robbing the Cradle

As discussed in previous posts, there is the possibility that with reccent recruiting losses due to Kiffinnapping that UT/Derek Dooley might try to rob a few Native TN sons from other schools and get them to link up with the Big Orange.

Here is a list of possible candidates:

From Kentucky:

Avery Williamson Milan TN LB

Tim McAdoo Oakland HS DT

Tyler Robinson Alcoa HS TE/DE/OL

Other Potential Players:

Jonathon Brown Memphis CB HS #11 ILB (Illinois)

Fred Harvey White Station HS/Memphis #51 OLB (Tex Tech)

O. C. Brown Manassas HS #41 Guard (Southern Miss)

Cortez Bowen Trezvant HS Memphis #58 OLB (Southern Miss)

Ferlando Bohanna Whitehaven HS Memphis #35 ILB (Miss State)

Jared Duke Walker Valley HS #99 OT (Ole Miss)

Sam Cooper Father Ryan Nashville TE (Clemson)

As you can see, Dooley can put a major hurt on the CATS if he can get any of the native sons of TN to sign with him.
As the last week has shown, the implausible can happen!

Hopefully, I have finally beaten this horse to death!
Hopefully, none of the "New Vols" will come from the CAT's LAIR!

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