Thursday, January 14, 2010

Steve Brown on the move?

With Joker Phillips now running the show in Lexington, many people have speculated about coaching changes. One in particular is UK's defensive coordinator Steve Brown. Brown played for Rich Brooks and loved everything about Rich Brooks. Just last year, Brown interviewed for the Mississippi State head coaching job before being turned down. Now that Skip Holtz is leaving East Carolina for USF could Brown be a candidate to replace Holtz?


  1. Brown will never get a gig that big without proving he will recruit. He has no connections, no desire to recruit and does not appear to be the closer type.

  2. He did interview for the Miss State job. I would consider ECU a step down. There may be no mutual interest, but it's clear he wants to be a head coach.

  3. he can want to be a head coach all he wants, but he lacks the charisma and recruiting prowess to be attractive to top flight programs. ECU is a good job and they'd be crazy to give it to him.