Thursday, January 14, 2010

Will Randy Sanders stay at UK?

Reports are coming out that David Cutcliffe will be the next head coach at Tennessee. Cutcliffe will bring loyalty and stability back to Knoxville which is probably best for their program. His hire is not sexy and could turn off some recruits. However, he has been able to get some good recruits to play football at Duke which isn't easy. As Cutcliffe starts to piece together his staff, could he bring back Randy Sanders? Does Randy Sanders have any interest? Rich Brooks had been fighting to get his staff more money. Even if Sanders isn't interested, it's an opportunity to push for more money to keep the staff together.

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  1. If Cutciffe is the new coach at UT, Randywill not be here. I'd say there is less than 5% chance of that happening. Randy is still mocked down here in Knoxville. If, by some chance, Cut comes and hires Randy, there would probably be riots. That would send them over the edge. If UK had been able to beat UT then maybe that perception would have changed, but it has not. UK is still not repsected here in Knoxville. They still laugh that we have Randy.

    The word going around, and honestly no one really seems to know as UT is playing this pretty close to the chest, is that Cut is wanting to bring his staff. The problem is that there is some pressure to Keep a few of the staff that Kiffin did not take with him. Thompson for defense and Kippy Brown, the current interim HC. However, Kippy won't be an OC I don't believe.