Thursday, January 14, 2010

Which Class was better '07 or '09?

Larry Vaught has an interesting article on his site about the 2007 seniors vs. 2009 seniors for UK football. Both classes have played key roles in building the football program to what it has become today. Many people will argue the 2007 class started the "winning culture", but the 2009 class had to sustain it.

Many people will likely lean towards the 2007 class as the favorite. The 2007 team was very strong offensively and flashy, which can't be ignored. However, the 2009 senior class is full of players who have NFL potential too, they just don't have the flash. My vote goes to the 2007 class becasue the team had more leadership than the 2009 class.

Both classes have laid the ground work for "Operation Win". UK has some really good underclassmen, so there is a good chance one of the future classes could become the best since the Rich Brooks era began. GO CATS!

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