Sunday, April 25, 2010

2010 CATS in NFL Draft

Here is what we know about the 2010 Draft and the CATS.

3rd Round: Corey Peters Atlanta Falcons

4th Round: Trevard Lindley Philadelphia Eagles

5th Round: John Conner J E T S

Free Agents:

Justin Jeffries San Diego Chargers

Alphonso Smith AZ Cardinals

I have looked around and can not find out anything on the following:

Zipp Duncan

Jorge Gonzalez

Christian Johnson

Sam Maxwell

Micah Johnson

If you have any other info, please feel free to post it here in the comments!



  1. Zipp Duncan to the Eagles.
    Where did you see Micah to the Chiefs. They signed a Mike Johnsonn from North Alabama. The
    Chiefs website also lists TC Drake as a free agent they signed

  2. Need to point out, Micah Johnson has not signed on with the K C Chiefs. their web site showes it is Michael Johnson, a different LB from a school in Alabama.

  3. Thanks for the info!1

    I changed it. I was sure that I read that somewhere.

    Thanks Again