Sunday, April 25, 2010

Recruits and 2010 Commits at Game

There were several recruits for the 2011 class and beyond at the game on Saturday. A Couple of the names were Devin Foster (RB from Union County who has visited UK several times as well as WKU, he has also talked with Bama) and Zac West. I do remember seeing a couple of more as well although I did not speak extensively with them.

There were also several 2010 commits there (as in almost all of them). They are all excited about getting to campus and begin working with the team. Several of them confided that they had HS teammates which would probably be making their commits to UK fairly soon (and yes there were some pretty big names out there).

Stay Tuned!


  1. Care to share what schools these kids are from?

  2. There were recruits from

    Fern Creek not sure of the names

    Union County Devin Foster

    Several more from the Lexington area

    Boyle County--Yes, he was there and another 2-3



    Ohio- a big time DE from there (JH)

    I was told that we might have 3-4 that are ready to sign almost any time--yeah some big names from some big programs!!

    We shall see!

  3. thanks for the quick response.