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ATLANTA: The Falcons are a young team which has almost as much talent as anyone in the NFL. During the offseason, the team did add CB Dunta Robinson from the Texans. The ATL looks to mostly have needs on the defensive side of the ball at DE, LB, and CB (with emphasis on DE). On the offensive side of the ball, they have needs at OC/OG, a backup RB, and a backup TE (for T Gonzalez).

The Falcons are a young and talented team. The name most mentioned for them for this year’s draft is Brandon Graham (DE). There is no doubt about Graham’s talent at the collegiate level; however, the success of a 6 ft Rush DE in the NFL is very questionable (Brandon would probably be better in a 3-4 Defense). If another DE is available, that should be the pick with the team following “the best available” after that.

CAROLINA: The Panthers have dire needs in a lot of places and almost no ammunition to address any of these needs. During the offseason, they lost J Peppers (DE), and Maake Kemoeatu (DL), and cut Jake Delhomme (QB). This leaves the team with a new starting QB, and several new starters along the defensive line. Last year the team traded away this year’s #1 for Everette Brown (DE), but he is going to have to seriously step up his game to make any type of impact for the team. Other needs include: WR (to help take some heat off of S Smith, DT, DE, CB, OG/OC, and a backup QB.

As mentioned, Carolina does not have a 1st round pick and the draft goes half way into the 2nd round before they get their 1st selection. The Panthers might want to select a WR first, so that they can control the ball offensively and help out the defense (they already have a very good O-line and some good RBs). Whatever the picks, they need to be bang on and this season looks like it will be the last for J Fox who is the teams most winning and successful coach.

N. O. SAINTS: The Super Bowl winning Saints select last in the first round and seem to be talented enough everywhere to repeat if things fall right for them. The needs of the team on offense would include: OG/OC, TE, a backup QB, and possibly RB all in the later rounds. The real needs are on defense and include: DE (pass rusher), OLB, and at least a backup FS (in case D Sharper decides not to resign). Basically, the Saints are in a position to let the draft fall to them and make the appropriate selection.

Look for the team to draft for defense first and then make some offensive selections later in the draft. The Sharper situation is the most intriguing with both sides standing their ground and daring the other to blink. The Saints are probably hoping that someone will want to jump from the 2nd round back into the 1st in order to select over all of the teams which open the 2nd round.

TAMPA BAY: Tampa Bay comes into the draft with a decent (not great) O-line, a QB for the future, RBs, and some defensive parts with which to open the season. On offense, the main need looks to be at least 1 WR that is truly a #1 threat, and an OG. On defense, the team needs another DT, a pass rushing DE, a CB, and a Safety.

The name most associated with the Bucs is Gerald McCoy (DT) which would probably be a good pick for them. Some have also suggested that N Allen (FS) would be a good pick for them in the 2nd Round, again probably a good pick, but the 3rd Round would almost have to be a WR who can come in a dominate a game. This would mean that the team would need to find a RDE who can rush the passer at some point. Whatever the pick, they too are in a position to allow the draft to come to them and let the cards fall where they will. If the team plays it’s cards right, they could find themselves much closer to The Promise Land after this year.

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