Monday, April 19, 2010

Final week of spring football

This is the final week of spring football for the University of Kentucky. Heading into the Blue & White game this Saturday, the Cats still don't know who will be the starting quarterback this fall. My guess is the competition will be extended through summer into fall. I'm not sure this is best for the team, but it will keep the three quarterbacks pushing each other.

Who have been the biggest surprises this spring? On offense I would have to say Brian Adams (WR), Chandler Burden (OL) and Jonathan George (RB). Some would say Mike Hartline's play has been a surprise, but I don't think he has done anything out of the ordinary. He is a senior and has shown consistency. On defense we have heard praises for Justin Henderson (DE), Tristan Johnson (DE), Mark Crawford (DT), Qua Huzzie (LB), Cartier Rice (CB) and Jarvis Walker (S). Based on the feedback I have received, Crawford and Walker could have major roles this fall.

Who have been the biggest disappointments? In reality, there haven't been many. The staff has expressed some disappointment regarding the offensive line. It seems some guys they felt would step up haven't and vice versa. It sounds like Winston Guy (S) and Ridge Wilson (LB) could have had better springs. In Guy's case it appears he was taking his role for granted, but in Wilson's case, he should to be further along considering he didn't redshirt last year.

Overall it seems the Cats have had a good spring thus far. This Saturday will be a huge day for Kentucky football. It's Opportunity Day! It's one last time players can make a statement in a "game" situation. It's an opportunity for fans to get a look at the team before the season starts. It's also an opportunity for recruits to check out the Cats in action as several will be in attendance. Saturday should be an exciting day.

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