Thursday, April 15, 2010

2010 Recruiting Rewind- Donte Rumph

Donte Rumph signed with UK in the previous two recruiting classes, but was unable to make it to Lexington due to academic reasons. Rumph had initially projected to play defensive end at the next level, but now many are projecting him to play defensive tackle. Rumph is the nephew of Chris Rumph, who is the assistant coach at Clemson.

The interesting part for Rumph is he will be a true freshman and have four years of eligibility. However, he is similar to a Juco player becuase he attended prep school for one year. UK's staff should be commended for sticking with Rumph as should he. Granted, they feel he can contribute or they wouldn't have signed him, but I think it shows they (the staff) push players outside of football.


  1. Is he eligible now? If not, what hurdles remain and what are his prospects for clearing those hurdles?

  2. I'm hearing he will enroll this summer. I've heard is the most likely of the questionable signees