Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cobb likes Tee Martin

Randall Cobb really likes Tee Martin and wants the coach to push him. Cobb admits it's nice to have a position coach who can really focus on the details of playing wide receiver. Cobb also says he keeps on eye on what's going on under center, just in case the staff needs him to take a few snaps.


  1. This is a great photo, but I get sick to my stomach every time I see it. This is what Cobb should have been doing when we had third and 3 vs UT with 2 minutes left to play. That STILL hurts.

  2. I'm with you, but he was gassed. At the same time, if Locke makes the block on 3rd down, Newton scores. It's still stinks, but hopefully the offense won't have to rely on Cobb in the wildcat as much this year, so when we REALLY need it, we can go to it.