Friday, April 30, 2010

Biggest Sleeper

Mr. SEC says that Dale Trimble is probably the biggest sleeper of the 2010 UK Recruiting Class. He might be right?


  1. I would agree that Dale Trimble is one of the best SEC-caliber prospects in UK's class at any position. I don't see Dale as a "sleeper", but I suppose that is a matter of perspective.

    FWIW, my picks for top "sleepers" in UK's February class would be Avery Williamson and Donte Rumph.

  2. Because Dale played so well in the All-star game and committed to UK, people consider him a sleeper. No doubt, he can play! He isn't as tall as I thought, but he is fast and has confidence.

    I think Avery has a shot to come in and play as a true freshman as well. He is a big time athlete and could find himself on the field this fall.

    I think the surprise could be Tyler Robinson or Jerrell Priester. I don't think people understand how fast Priester really is and he could be special on offense and special teams. Robinson is being overlooked due to Alex Smith.

    This summer is going to be fun!

  3. I think with this staff we will always have several "sleepers". I think Smith at QB is the latest one. We won't have as many 2* sleepers in our classes from now on, but that is good news, because that will be because we have 3* sleepers.

    When I look at the 2*s UK has signed the past two years I am amazed at their potential, I think almost all of them will be stars in college.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing these young players develop. And I am glad that Messenger seems to think Rumph will be here, he could be a big contributor.

    What is the latest on Bailey, I haven't heard much lately.

  4. Jack, we probably won't know about Mychal Bailey's D-1 academic eligibility until July. However, we do know that Joker told Max Smith in their recent grayshirt discussion that UK needs more safeties, FWIW.