Monday, May 31, 2010

The 3-3-5 Defense at UK for the 2010 season

Much ado has been made by the UK Faithful about UK going to some variation of a 3-3-5 Defense for the 2010 season. Most fans remember what the CATS looked like in the 09 season when they played this defense against several teams (nightmares of the Miss State game still haunt many);however, UK plays several teams this year that either run the Spread Offense or some variation of a 3 WR set (Louisville, WKU, Auburn, and South Carolina for starters), so the coaches must find a way to control the line of scrimmage and at the same time cover 3 wideouts which can run multiple routes all over the field.

The object of the 3-3-5 Defense is that it requires 3-D-linemen to control the Line of Scrimmage, and pressure the QB at the same time. As of now, the UK Staff must find at least 3 of these players who have the skill set to play a 3 man Defensive Front (not including reserves to keep the unit fresh). With Defensive Tackle being one of the weaker unit on this team, it will be an interesting challenge to come up with the right number of players on the field and at the same time have adequate reserves to make the CATS successful in meeting this endeavor.


  1. To play that 335 D UK will have to recruit some good lineman to make it work. Getting pressure on the QB with a three man rush is going to be difficult. On the other hand I like the direction UK football is going in now. I think we are going to be better than everyone thinks and I believe that UK will set on top of the SEC one of these days. Jokers had done some positive things already. New coaches, good recruits, and a more positive attitude about football in the bluegrass. Rich did a great job, but now I think we are headed to the next level. Love your blog and I love UK football.

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