Sunday, May 30, 2010

UK's 2011 Recruiting Class --One Scenario

It easily looks like the 2011 UK Recruiting Class could look something like this!!

Darrian Miller
Nick Martin
Zac West
Tarik Cook

Jon Davis
Josh Forrest

Antonio Cannon
Darien Thomas

Shamir Jeffrey

Theltus Cobbins

Christian Coleman

Clint Tucker
Donte Rumph
Isiah Norton

Lamar Dawson
Tavin Howell

Glen Faulkner
Darren Waller
Jared Boyd


  1. yeah that caught my eye as well.

  2. Yeah, if that's the case then he's gonna be the first 21yo true frosh I can ever recall.

  3. Summer school starts soon, should know somthing soon

  4. you forgot Smith the California quarterback

  5. Bigbluebill, so you dont see any other OL, or DL being offered and committing before the kids you have on this post. My friends telling me that the coaches are telling them its a good chance they will offer his son at camp.

  6. Not sure who your friend is?

    The point of this article is to say that these are some of the names which are most associated with the 2011 class.

    I would be very surprised if I am 100% correct, but at this point, it seems like these are the most logical to commit.

    I seriously doubt that I am 100% correct.

    Remember that we can offer, but will they verbal?

    Also Point #2 is that it is looking like a pretty good and deep class especially in the trenches.

  7. thanks for the response bigbluebill

  8. Bill, this is a nice analysis.

    UK's football roster is currently full. Late 2010 conmitments Max Smith and Jewell Ratliff are waiting in line for scholarships. We won't know the exact number of available 2011 scholarships for months, but I can't see how this can be a full class. Taking into account the projected graduating class plus the inevitable roster attrition, it's difficult right now to forsee Joker taking more than 18-20 new prospects in 2011.

    One or more of the current verbals (e.g., Jon Davis, Theltus Cobbins) may change positions by the time they take the field in Lexington. I think the 2011 class will shape up something like this....


    QB (0-1)

    RB (0-1): (Brandon Ford?)

    WR (3): verbals: Darien Thomas, Antonio Cannon (Shamier Jeffery?)

    TE (1): verbal: Josh Forrest

    OL: (3-4): verbal: Darrian Miller (Zach West? Nick Martin? Jonah Austin?)


    DE (1-2): (Christian Coleman?)

    DT (2-3): verbal: Clint Tucker (Shaq Love?)

    LB (3-4): verbal: Jon Davis (Lamar Dawson? Antonio Poole? Troy Gray?)

    CB (1-2): verbal: Theltus Cobbins (Jared Boyd?)

    S (2): verbal: Glen Faulkner (Forisse Hardin? Tino Thomas?)

  9. Messenger

    You are probably more correct than I am!

    It is beginning to get dicey considering the number of scholarships that we still have left (as you said, it will be difficult with a limited number of scholarships)

  10. Donte Rumph has to make it this time or he can't sign again (based on what I have been told). We should know soon if he is going to make it. I'm pulling for the guy, but something tells me it's not going to work out.

    Brandon Ford could easily become a wildcat next season. His coach has a great relationship with the UK staff and he is from KY. He doesn't have an offer yet, but I expect the Cats to offer him.

    Not sure who might have received an offer at the camp this weekend. I've spoken to several players who attended and they didn't receive offers (including Cody Robinsin). Would like more insight or to do an interview with the unknown player above or his parents.