Saturday, May 29, 2010

Last 3 Football Classes from the State of KY

Here is a partial (but pretty complete) list of Kentucky Preps Football Players which signed somewhere other than UK, UL, or a US Military Service Academy (lesser conference Schools IE Div II were not included)

Keith Tandy (NR) ATH WVU 5.5-3* #1 CB on team
Chase Minnifield (#22) DB Virginia 5.8-4* #2 CB on team

Fell off of the Map:
Brent Slusher (#18) TE Auburn 5.7-3*
Chase Dumphord (NR) OL Mich. St. 5.3-3*

Sam Robey (#19) OC Florida 5.5-3* #2 OC at Fla
Brandon Newman (#22) DL Notre Dame 5.8-4* #3 DE at ND
Terrell Combs (#83) ATH Minnesota 5.5-3* Transfer to UK
Ryan Wallace (NR) TE Colorado 5.5-3* Transfer to UK

2008 Not Offered by UK:
D. L. Moore (NR) WR South Carolina #1 on team
John Cole (NR) WR Vandy #1 on team

2008 Missing in Action:
D. L. Wilhite (#86) ATH Minnesota Not listed on Roster

Jordan Whiting (#15) MLB Ohio State U. #3 MLB at OSU
Rolandan Finch (#57) RB Boston College #2 RB at B.C.
Justin Green (#9) RB Illinois #3 RB at Illinois

No 2010 Players are listed--It is waay too early for that!


  1. Great post!

    I'm really surprised about D.L. Moore being #1 WR at South Carolina. We never even recruited him. UK didn't recruit Keith Tandy either, who's Curtis Pulley's cousin, but I knew he was doing good cause I saw him on tv playing. Also surprised that neither Chase Minnifield nor Brandon Newman turned out to be good players and they both play for subpar schools, especially UVA who was the worst team in the ACC last year and predicted to be the worst ACC team this year.

    BTW, I believe Chase Dumphord transferred to UK, but ended up quitting the team shortly after he arrived and enrolled at Georgetown College (KY), but did the same there.

  2. 2008 Not offered by UK/UL
    Jared Carpenter Safety Northwestern #1 on Team

    Most UK fans viewed Aaron Boyd as the greatest since Jerry Rice while both DL Moore and John Cole were better receivers. Looks like that has proven to be true.

  3. Chase Minnifield is ranked #9 CB in his class , I wouldnt say he hasnt turned out to be a good player

  4. Not sure Minnifield has ever regained his form since blowing out his knee.

  5. Probably the biggest disappointment to me would be Slusher, I just looked and he isn't listed on Auburn's depth chart or roster. Does anyone know where he is? Did he get injured and go on scholastic scholarship? He had some very good measurables and excelled in a camp I think. I would be surprised if he couldn't even make the squad. I always pull for SEK recruits.

    Newman is another waste, third string at ND and it was mentioned they had some higher ranked players going there when he signed. I guess him and Goode, both 3rd string or worse (and dropping) would rather sit on the bench.

    Several of the other players mentioned would be playing at UK, land of opportunity. But it is changing.

  6. I keep up will all Ky kids because i am proud of our home grown product. How irresponsible and lazy are you to post D.L Wilhite as off the radar and not listed on the Minnesota roster when he was a Phil Steel and sporting news all American as a freshman last year and is viewed as a possible break out star in the big 10 for the 2010 season.