Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thoughts on Tee Martin

When rumors started spreading Tee Martin could be joining the UK staff many people were excited. Once his job became official, everyone started to hear how he would impact recruiting. Joker Phillips had been the key recruiter for the program and needed someone to fill his shoes. He found his man in Martin. Of course, he also upgraded his staff by hiring Mike Summers and David Turner. However, Tee Martin's hiring may be the best move Joker has made since taking over.

I've received many emails and comments about the Cats being able to keep Martin on the staff. No doubt, he is making his mark as one of the premier recruiters in the country. Will the Cats be able to keep him? I think so. Martin is in a great situation at Kentucky. He really likes Joker Phillips and has a life long friend in Randy Sanders. Is it possible he could leave? Absolutely, anything is possible. Something tells me Joker Phillips will do everything in their power to keep in in Lexington.


  1. great read on Tee Martin. Speaking of Martins, is there any new news on Nick Martin?

  2. None that I'm aware. My gut says he will pick either UK or Notre Dame. I think some recruits wants to see how both new coaches do their first year.