Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Larry Vaught on Lamar Dawson

Larry Vaught has an article about the recruiting of Lamar Dawson (a 4* MLB from Boyle County KY). It seems as though Lamar wants to wait until after the season is over to make his commitment. He is considering many schools and has not ruled out Oregon or Louisville.

Whatever his decision, some team will be glad that Lamar is a part of their program


  1. This kid will go out of state, to many better offers over UK not only that, he will probably end up playing against us.

    The thing is, kids like him don't realise here at UK he could make an immediate impact and be on the field as a freshman or RS fresh, instead of waiting to play on a 3 deep roster on Fl,Bama, TX. Then having NFL scouts watching him play for 3-4 yrs as opposed to 1-2 yrs. Coming to UK could be a serious route to the NFL if some 4star kids would really think about it.

  2. First, i have no idea where he will go. I hope it is UK, but he sounds like a kid with a great head on his powerful shoulders and I am sure he will make the best decision for himself.

    But, secondly -- and I want to try to be careful how I say this because I do not mean to be critical of the post above -- but I think we need to change our mindset about that particular recruiting pitch. Let me TRY to explain.

    Ever since I have been on message boards on the Net I hear the same old argument: Don't go to UT or FLA or Alabama or LSU or Wherever U because you will get buried on the depth chart or it may take you a couple of years to see the field, if ever. Come to UK where you can play right away.

    In essence, we are saying you are not good enough to play at Brand X but you are good enough to play at UK. I know this is a bit of a stretch, but we are essentially saying that we are willing to take UT's rejects or Florida's second-stringers or Alabama's practice squad. Where does that leave us? Still losing to those schools.

    We need to get the mindset that we want guys who can START at any school in the SEC. What good does it do us to have guys playing here that cannot play at other SEC schools?

    And, in the particular case of Dawson, what kind of message is that sending to guys that are already here? "You'll start as a freshman." What is that saying to Huzzie or Snead. What is that saying to Trevathan?

    I don't know ... maybe I was not very clear in this post. But, bottom line is, we should not be settling for other teams' second tier. If we want to be the best, we need to recruit the best.

    And, I think Dawson is certainly among the best. And, he'll have to be if he wants to earn PT here at UK.

  3. Hey Anony... not only that, I've argued for years that the difference in mentality of the great kids that go to the elite programs, is that they are not deterred by someone already at a school that is supposedly better than them. Their mindset is I'll start no matter where I go, or I'l die trying!

    That's why the elite programs have starters that truly are elite players, and why the depth charts have players as good as our starters. We get the kids that are more concerned about the competition. The difference in mentality is staggering. Until we have those players we will always be chasing the rest of the league.

  4. I'm telling you, I believe Dawson ends up playing in-state. Charlie Strong is recruiting him hard, but Joker has a longer relationship with him and the family. In the end he will choose one of them.

  5. A2, all players earn their position or should, and who said UK should settle for someone else's leavenings? The point being made was: a 4-5star recruit should have the talent to come in compete and start over a 2star player if he earns that position there by having a starting position 2-3 years, where as going to the likes of Bama competing with the same type of 4-5 stars who already hold his position may not see the field except on special teams till his JR yr.

    If enough of that type of talent comes in, UK's prospects will definitely go up. Diamond in the rough players will get you so far. 7-5 seasons

  6. ^ A2 here. Yes, I understand what you are saying and I agree. And I think that is also what the OP was saying.

    But, my point is that as far back as I can remember we -- those on the message boards, at least -- have been wanting to tell kids to come to UK where they will play because if they go elsewhere they will be buried on the depth chart. The unspoken implication of that line of reasoning is that we are willing to settle for kids who cannot play elsewhere. And, I think that is a mind set that we need to get rid of. That's all I'm saying.