Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Michigan Football Investigation a Sham!

It looks like the Blue and Maize of Ann Arbor (AKA University of Michigan) has performed it's due diligence by investigating it's Football Program. Collegefootballtalk.com has a few comments on the Report which admits that Michigan did break some of the rules of which it was charged, yet basically failed to admit any wrong doing (How can you admit to exceeding practice time, staff size, and fail to "properly" monitor the program (paragraph #3), yet not admit that you failed to promote an atmosphere of compliance (paragraph #4?).

Anyways, that slap on the wrist that UM gave themselves from the internal investigation almost, kinda, sorta stung, but not really!

Bottomline, the NCAA will let Michigan skate, because "they are Michigan". No, they will never come out and say it, but watch and see!

Numerous other schools have suffered severe penalties (UK included) for similar crimes. The football world will be watching this very closely (especially those coaches accused of "Secondary Violations"), the question remains "How consistent will the NCAA be in administering equitable punishment for similar offenses?"

The actual Report can be found here!


  1. I do not think the NCAA will accept these self-imposed penalties. I don't care if it is Michigan, the only penalty that is worth anything at all is a loss of a few schollies. Probabtion without a loss of schollies is utterly, totally meaningless. I am not yet so cynical as to believe this will be the end of it.

  2. NCAA has to start making examples of programs and enforcing rules. There is too much "bending" of the rules these days.