Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Opinion on the 2011 Recruiting Class

What do you think are the biggest issues for UK and the 2011 Recruiting class?


  1. 1) BOTH lines
    2) BOTH lines
    3) BOTH lines

  2. If we're going to go to the next level in the conference, we absolutely have to start bringing in some SEC quality D-linemen.

  3. The last couple of years we have loaded up on DEs, TEs and LBs. We have some good young WRs who should be around for a while and last year we added some good RBs to an already well-stocked position.

    So, seriously, we need DTs -- lots of them -- and more OL -- at least 3 if not 4. Throw in a good QB just to keep things balanced and a couple of DBs and we are in good shape.

    After that, we take the best players available regardless of position.

  4. The Cats must get better at the line of scrimmage and continue to get faster on defense.