Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Athletes TEs and Fullbacks with Offers for 2011

Kentucky already has a verbal from Jon Davis (#5 TE) of Eastern HS in Louisville for the 2011 Recruiting Class. I do not look for them to add another TE unless the player can transition on the field to another position due to class size.

At this time, they are only going after 1 Fullback that I know of, and that is Alonzo Harris from Gadsden Al. They are recruiting several other "Athletes" who can transition to team needs. Look for them to sign no more than 2 athletes in this class.


Damian Swann: Grady HS GA 6ft 4.49 in 40 yard 17 Offers: SEC-Bama, FL, UGA, UK, OM, Miss State, and TN Others: FSU, OSU, OK, USC, Va Tech, and WVU

Tino Thomas: Melrose HS Memphis 6 ft 4-Offers: UK, Duke, Arkansas and Memphis

Torrey Campbell: Barron Collier S FL 5 ft 11 in 11 Offers: SEC-UK and TN Others: BC, Purdue, Wisc, Rutgers, So FLA, and Iowa

Austin Traylor: Walnut Ridge HS OH 6 ft 4 in 4.65 in 40 yard 15 Offers: SEC-UK and Vandy Others: Cincy and WVU and 4 offers in the Big 11

C J Uzomah: N Gwinnett GA 6 ft 5in 4.7 in 40 yard 18 Offers: SEC-Bama, Aub, UGA, UK, LSU, So Car. TN and Vandy


Nick Vannett: Westerville OH 6 ft 6 in ranked #10 among TEs Offers: SEC-UK Others: mostly in Big 11 with 6, Notre Dame and WVU. Iwould doubt that he comes to UK, he seems Big 11 bound.


Alonzo Harris: Gadsden HS AL 6 ft 1 in 6 Offers: Bama, UK, and TN Others: FSU, Memphis, and So. Miss. Longshot for UK-IMO.

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