Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Players with Question Marks

Several people are asking questions about several UK Recruiting prospects for the 2011 Class.

Here is a breakdown as far as I can tell:

Shamir Jeffrey: 65% a Wildcat--still hangs around Spurrier, may commit and then dog us at the last minute, but hey, I guess that is part of the game

Brandon Shell--Doubtful, Very Doubtful, but if he does, I will be happy. REMEMBER: We already have D Miller (a 4*) and are in Big Time with Z West (ESPN 150), N Martin BIG TIME. HE would be a great get, but I would stress more about other players and positions especially DT, WR, and Safety.

Terry Redden--I would love to see him in the Blue, but I doubt that it will happen. He looks headed somewhere else--I hope I am wrong

Christian Coleman--almost 100% certainty a CAT. I have pretty good info on this one.

Alex Chisum--I think they would like him, but we may have signed the same players (D Thomas and J Forrest) on 5/17/10. I also think that their signing might be a ploy to put some pressure on some of those players who are skiddish but making them think that the opportunities are drying up (may be wrong about this too).

Willie Davis--Another Stephenson HSer, he looks headed elsewhere as well (at least as far as I can tell at this point). If they sign him, it would be a huge surprise.

Lamont Hardy--I have no clue about

UPDATE: There is an article about Terry Redden that I found today while on the internet. He states that the thing that he likes about the Vols is that they are "close to home". uuummm ok, I guess, 7 hours looks like a pretty long time to me. He is much closer to almost every other SEC school than Knoxville. Here is the Article about Terry Redden

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