Saturday, June 5, 2010

2010 Recruiting Class Breakdown from Visual Boxscore

Our friends over at Visual Boxscore have broken down the 2010 incoming freshmen for the UK Football team.

Here is what they have to offer:

Mychal Bailey, S, SW Mississippi CC - Currently faces an uphill battle to be cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse for admission to UK. If Mychal can enroll, he will immediately become a factor in the competition to start at strong safety. If he can't get admitted, then his hopes for a D-1 athletic career are probably over.

Tyler Brause, QB/ATH, Bucyrus, OH - There is no question that Tyler will redshirt during the fall. He will start out as a QB for UK's scout team. He may also get some looks at TE.

Alvin Davis, DE, Jesup, GA - Alvin will redshirt in 2010.

Nermin Delic, TE/DE, Tunnel Hill, GA - Nermin could conceivably see action this fall if he puts together a huge performance in August camp. But everyone I know thinks he will redshirt and get looks at DE and TE for the scout team.

Mike Douglas, DE, Largo, FL - Mike has a chance to take off his redshirt this fall, but it's a long shot. Every insider I know believes Mike will play DE for the scout team and spend a lot of time in the gym working on the weights in an attempt to fill out for 2011.

Teven Eatmon, OT, Bucyrus, OH - As a HS senior, Teven played TE and DE. This fall he will redshirt and play OT on UK's scout team.

Brandon Gainer, RB, Miami, FL - He has a shot to take off his redshirt, but the staff would like to redshirt him this fall. He needs to get stronger for SEC play, so I expect him to redshirt unless there is an injury to another RB in August.

Josh Gibbs, S, College of the Canyons - Josh participated in spring drills and played well, but he is smallish. He will be a back-up safety this fall, and he will play on special teams.

Justin Henderson, DE, Bamberg, SC - Justin enrolled in January and participated in spring drills. UK's staff already loves him. He will take off his redshirt and play as a back-up DE this fall.

Ferrington Huguenin, DE, Columbia, SC - Ferrington has an uphill battle to get cleared for admission by the NCAA Clearinghouse. If he gets admitted to UK, he will redshirt this fall. Otherwise he will enroll at a prep school and try to get admitted to UK in January.

Jabari Johnson, LB, Stone Mountain, GA - My campus sources believe Jabari will redshirt this fall and be developed as a "Sam" LB.

Brice Laughlin, DT, Summerville, SC - This is where it gets interesting. Brice is big enough and good enough athletically to play and contribute this fall. However, UK's coaching staff also knows Brice can be a real beast by next April if he redshirts this fall and works on learning the defense and developing his strength. To one extent or another, I think this boils down to numbers in the rotation. If Donte Rumph doesn't make it into school, and/or if another DT gets injured in August, then the chances will increase for Brice to take off his redshirt. But a redshirt might be ideal.

Joe Mansour, K/P, Lagrange, GA - In August, Joe will be in the competitions for placekicker and kickoff specialist. I believe he will win one of them, or maybe both of them. So I think he plays this fall.

Tim McAdoo, OG, Murfreesboro, TN - It is believed that Tim is still marginal for clearance by the NCAA Clearinghouse. If he can get enrolled, he will redshirt in the fall. Otherwise he will attend a prep school or JUCO.

Malcolm McDuffen, LB, Hopkinsville, KY - Will redshirt and get looks at "Will" and "Sam" LB for the scout team.

Tim Patterson, DE, Louisville, KY - I hear Tim is headed to a JUCO, possibly SW Mississippi CC.

Jerrell Preister, CB, Allendale, SC - Jerrell immediately becomes the fastest player on the team. He was a RB in HS. He has a positional adjustment to make this year, but he has a shot to play in the fall because of his blazing speed. If he takes off his redshirt, expect to see him used at times as a kick returner and possibly also as a slot receiver.

Jewell Ratliff, LB, New Orleans, LA - Depending on roster numbers, Jewell will redshirt or grayshirt this fall. He is a "Mike" LB.

Tyler Robinson, TE/OL/DE, Alcoa, TN - Tyler will redshirt and get looks at several positions on the scout team.

Donte Rumph, DT, Fork Union MI - All eyes are on Donte's protracted efforts to achieve D-1 academic eligibility. He still hasn't been cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse. If he gets enrolled, he will play a key back-up role in the fall on UK's DL, and could even see some starting opportunities by October. But if Donte doesn't get enrolled this time, then his hopes for a D-1 athletic career are over.

Ray Sanders, RB, Stone Mountain, GA. Ray is one of the team's three fastest players. He is also surprisingly strong for his size. He was one of the best RB prospects in Georgia last fall. Because his speed adds another dimension, he has a shot to take off his redshirt this fall. To do that, he will have to win the #3 RB job in August camp. If that happens, expect to see him returning kickoffs as well.

Ronnie Shields, TE/WR, Stone Mountain, GA - Will redshirt this fall.

Eric Simmons, CB/S, Atlanta, GA - Eric has only been playing organized football for two years, but has good size and excellent speed. The staff would like to redshirt him this fall, but he might play if another DB gets injured in August.

Miles Simpson, RB, Independence, KY - Will redshirt this fall. They want to develop him as a big RB, but he might get a look at OLB if he continues to fill out.

Alex Smith, TE, Cincinnati, OH - Alex comes from the same HS that produced former UK FB and current NFL player John Connor. Alex is one of the best TE prospects in the east. He will play this fall, and will probably start at some point.

Max Smith, QB, Van Nuys, CA - Depending on available scholarship numbers, Max will grayshirt or redshirt this fall. He is a QB all the way.

Dale Trimble, CB, Gadsden, AL - Everyone I know believes Dale will take off his redshirt and play this fall. Big upside. He has an outside shot to start by October.

Avery Williamson, LB, Milan, TN - Avery is a high upside LB prospect. He is athletic enough to play "Sam", but everyone I know thinks he will start out playing "Mike" LB. Given the dearth of SEC-caliber LBs on UK's roster now, Avery will almost certainly take off his redshirt this fall. If they keep him at "Mike", he will share the position situationally with Ronnie Sneed and Qua Huzzie. If they move him to "Sam", he could be starting by October.

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  1. Bill, the Visual Boxscore moderators appreciate your interest in our discussion of UK's 2010 recruiting class, and thank you for reproducing it here for your visitors to read. We hope everyone will visit our website at the link you have provided above.

    If I have to guess, I expect Alex Smith, Ray Sanders, Justin Henderson, Avery Williamson, Dale Trimble, Jerrell Preister, and Joe Mansour will take off their redshirts and play for UK this fall. Smith could become the starter at TE. Mansour could win the placekicking job.

    If Donte Rumph makes it into school, he will also play an important role on UK's DL in 2010. But if Donte doesn't make it, then we might see Brice Laughlin take off his redshirt.

    I know everyone on UK's coaching staff is hoping and praying that Mychal Bailey will be admitted for the fall semester. Mychal would have an immediate and profound impact on UK's safety rotation, and could become a starter. He would also help the special teams.

    Lastly, it should be mentioned that Josh Gibbs played well in spring drills. Josh is on the smallish side for a safety, but he runs well. He will provide quality depth at safety, and should help UK's special teams.