Saturday, June 5, 2010

2011 Future Watch - TE's Updated

TE Offers (known)

Jon Davis, Josh Forrest, Nick Vannett

TE Watch List

Mitchell Henry, Tim Simmons

Already Committed

Jon Davis (Kentucky), Josh Forrest (Kentucky), Collin Jarbo (Southern Miss)


Since our last tight end update the Cats received a commitment from Josh Forrest who currently plays wide receiver in high school, but will switch positions in college. Forrest is another athletic target who can go get the ball. Mitchell Henry camped at UK recently and feels he impressed the staff. He told me they would recruit him as an athlete because he could play tight end, defensive end or possible move to the offensive line. More and more schools are getting involved with Henry so the Cats will make sure they evaluate him properly. It appear Nick Vannett is headed to Big 10 country while Jarbo recently committed to Southern Miss and Simmons is may not receive an offer due to the size of the class.

Most likely to be a Cat

Jon Davis and Josh Forrest are both solid to Kentucky and fans should be excited. The tight end position hasn’t been very productive in recent years, but the new recruits should give the fans something to be excited about.

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