Monday, June 28, 2010


In the coming weeks we will be transitioning from Aaron's UK Football Blog to Bleed Blue Kentucky. First, let me say "THANK YOU" to the dedicated followers on this site. I never thought this site would generate as much interest as it has over the past year. When I decided to start Aaron's UK Football Blog, the hope was to provide the best coverage for Kentucky football on the internet. For the most part, we have done a good job. Now it's time to take it to the next level.

The new site, "BBK", is exciting and will have a lot more features than the current site. I truly never wanted the site to be about myself, just about the football program. As most UK fans, I "Bleed Blue" and felt the name was appropriate. Behind the scenes we've been working hard on the new site and wanted to give everyone a notice before it rolls out. My hope is to have the new site active in the next couple of weeks.

I've been fortunate to develop a good relationship with other sites and people who cover UK athletics. In particular Larry Vaught. There is no one more dedicated than Larry. I would also like to thank the guys at Kentucky Ink, Rob Gidel, Steve Jones, Brian Eldridge and John Clay. These guys do a great job of covering UK football and have been very supportive.

I would also like to thank Aaron at Aaron's UK Basketball Blog. He has the best site on the internet for covering the basketball program. Yes, call me a copy cat, but that's where I got the idea. Aaron is a wonderful person and has also been very supportive. Lastly, I would like to than Nick at Strait Pinkie for allowing me to work with them from time to time. Those guys have a great thing going and as we have learned, fans follow more than one site.

Lastly, I need to thank Big Blue Bill and Derek. Both of these guys have contributed to the site and allowed me to stay married. They will both contribute to the new site as well as two more people. When the new site rolls out, we will have five people devoted to strictly UK football.

With that said, get ready to make your home page or mark it under your favorites. IT'S FOOTBALL TIME IN THE BLUEGRASS! GET READY!


  1. You guys are getting bigger and better! I have loved the info and dedication that this blog has shown over the past year and I expect it to get even better as you are adding more guys.

    The best damn UK football site on the web!!

  2. I check you guys out daily and I love what you guys are doing for UK Football. Keep up the good work and I cant wait for the new site.

  3. Thanks for the work. I try not to miss a day of your postings.
    Art in Danville

  4. Thanks so much for the great effort that has made this site my favorite. I know it will only get better. Thanks again,
    Jim in Providence, west Ky.

  5. Looking forward to seeing the new site!

  6. Good stuff. Can't wait to see the look of the new site. It's good to see you guys that have worked hard here able to grow and expand.