Monday, June 28, 2010

2011 Future Watch - WR's updated

WR Offers (known)

Christian Jones, Collins Moore, DeAnthony Arnett, Hakeem Flowers, Ja’Juan Story, Brandon Thomas

WR Watch List

Charles Gaines, Darius Slay, Derrick Knowles, Gabriel Nimmons, Jesse York, Jonothan Rumph, Justin Bean, Kyle Heggs, LaMont McMurray, Levi Beckett, Marcoreyon Tandy, Tommy Shuler

Already Committed

Alex Chisum (Cincinnati), Antonio Cannon (Kentucky), Charone Peake (Clemson), Cooper Harrington (Southern Miss), Darien Thomas (Kentucky), Devante Parker (Louisville), Danny Woodson (Alabama), Darryl Collins (Alabama), Joe Watson (Duke), Josh Forrest (Kentucky), KJ Brent (South Carolina), Keante Minor (Arkansas),


Not a ton of news since our last update. However, Alex Chisum committed to the Bearcats and Charone Peake finally picked Clemson. The Cats never received serious consideration from Peake, but were in the mix with Chisum. I could be way off, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see other schools including Kentucky continue to pursue Chisum. Also, both DeAnthony Arnett and Ja’Juan Story have narrowed their list of schools and the Cats didn’t make the cut for either. Also, since the last update Collins Moore informed me UK would be in the mix for his services. It’s unclear at this point how hard the Cats are pursuing Christian Jones since he suffered a knee injury.

Most likely to be a Cat

Now that Chisum has committed, it appears Collins Moore, Brandon Thomas or Christian Jones are the likely candidates. It’s still possible Bubba Tandy could become a Cat. He attended camp at UK and didn’t pick up an offer. At the same time, an offer from UK would be hard for Tandy to turn down. Given the Cats have a few commits already, it appears they can be extremely picky on who they take from here on out.

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