Monday, June 28, 2010

UK 2006 Recruitng Class Grades

Over the next several installments, we will take a look at the previous recruiting classes which will impact this years UK Football team. We will begin in the 2006 class, since there are still a few players on the team from this class. For the purpose of clarity, we will only grade out those who are still with the program for the 2010 season unless otherwise noted.

Moncell Allen: (went to Hargrove then recommitted in 2007) Moncell is a senior this year, and has been a productive player, but I think most fans had expectations which were a little high for him. He has moved to FB, but will still run the rock at times. A great season will cement him as a B Player for UK, a solid season will make him a C+ especially due to him stepping up on special teams and in critical situations when no one else stepped up.

Mike Hartline: Quarterback. Mike was thrust into the starting QB position at the beginning of the ’08 season. During that year, D Lyons Jr. went down at the beginning of the season, R Cobb was a freshman and D Locke got hurt in the Arkansas game. No other players, other than Cobb stepped up as a playmaker on offense. He looks to probably be named the starter at the beginning of the season, but will probably be replaced at some point. History (10 yrs from now) will be much kinder to Mike than the current fanbase. He is a hard player to grade, I would give him a C+ (due to the factors not under his control; remember, Mike does have a winning record as a starting QB at UK) at this point with the potential to go to a B+, if he has a good year. Mike has graded out pretty well in the film room and would have had a greater impact in the 2009 season were it not for a season ending injury.

Ricky Lumpkin: Defensive Tackle. Injuries. That is how to sum up his career until last year. Now with C Peters gone, he really needs to step his game up. Ricky plays at a position of need where he can really impact a game especially if he can at least tie up blockers. If his production increases, his grade will go up exponentially, if he maintains last year’s production or worse, we will know that his success was predicated on playing beside C Peters (has he reached his peak?). Current grade C-, he just has not done enough, but if he can push the pocket and help against the run, it easily becomes a solid B.

Paul Warford: Cornerback . Paul has had a good career. A solid year really bumps up his grade and probably puts him in to playing on Sundays. At this point, I think his career is probably a C+ with the potential to become a solid B. Paul would have received a higher grade if he did not have to sit out a year.

OTHER IMPACT PLAYERS FROM THE ’06 CLASS (these players are no longer on the team)

Calvin Harrison: Safety. Calvin was an important backup, and starter during his tenure. He has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to his college career. I give him a B-.

Justin Jefferies: OL. Justin has a solid career, and played through injuries. He got hurt his senior season and never returned the same. I give him a B-.

Micah Johnson: MLB. Micah was recruited as a DE, but dug in to play MLB. He got too big for the position, and played with ankle injuries, which is never a good combination. Many of his plays were made too far down field and he seemed to be out of position a lot of the time. Against stellar competition, Micah often disappeared, against lesser competition, Micah had a good career. Expectations were exceptionally high for Micah, but he only had a solid, not spectacular career. I give him a B. While he had a very solid career at UK, had he been somewhere else, he would have been deep on the depth chart.

Corey Peters: Defensive Tackle. Corey was a 4* recruit. Corey had an exceptional career for UK. I give Corey an A. He did anchor a totally inexperienced D-line his senior season to make it respectable, and put up some pretty good numbers in his career to boot.

Steve Johnson: Wide Receiver. Steve came to UK with only 2 yrs eligibility and had a spectacular senior season. His grade is tougher to give, but the CATS knew what they were doing and getting with him. I give him a B- for his senior season alone. He was a very under rated player for the ’07 season.

Ashton Cobb: Defensive Back. Ashton had nothing to be ashamed of here. Ashton was an important backup during his career.

The 2006 recruiting class had some serious playmakers on both sides of the ball (M Johnson, S Johnson, and C Peters). By Kentucky standards, the class should be rated as a very good class though not exceptional. A couple of players can improve the grade on this year’s team from a “B-” to a solid “B”, depending upon their production for their senior seasons.


  1. I think Steve Johnson deserves more than a B-. If his entire career had consisted of the UofL game and LSU game, that alone would have earned him a higher mark. And, except for a propensity to jump off sides, Justin Jeffries, had a solid career as well. he may have been unspecatcular, but he held down that right tackles spot for about 3 years, if not 4. And, if I recall, he came to UK as a DT.

  2. If you're judging Johnson for his career, I think a B- could be appropriate. But just for his senior year? He had over 1000 yards off 17 yards per catch! That's more yards from scrimmage than Cobb had last year. He clearly deserves at least a B+.

    I also think Justin Jeffries deserves a little more love--3 year starter in the SEC, even if he didn't make all-SEC, is quite an accomplishment.