Saturday, June 12, 2010

David Washington possibly a UK Wildcat?

Per, JDrum, the Kentucky Wildcats have extended an offer to David Washington of Lovejoy HS in Hampton GA. The 6' 3", 270 Dlineman is considered as a 2* recruit, but has begun the move up many team's boards. David has offers from UK, Miss State, and UVA, additionally, he has UGA listed as a team of interest. Washington seems to have the size that would be required to anchor an SEC D-line, and obviously has shown some playmaking ability.


  1. David Washington is one of the prospects on my list of possible summer commitments. David is a strong young man. He projects as a DT at the D-1 level. If he doesn't make it as a DT, he could be developed as an OG or C. He would need a redshirt, but he has SEC-caliber upside. I think UK has a pretty good shot to sign him.

  2. Could someone tell me how we are going to sign all of these kids when all I have heard is we have limited scholarships. Last I heard we had 11 scholarships and I believe we have that many TE's committed.

  3. Just like last year, not all will make it due to academics. Oversign like everyone else does in the SEC then you have enough. Gray shirt a couple or a preferred walk-on and that's how it would work. Bama and Ole Miss been doing it for years.

  4. Regarding the question posed above by an anonymous poster about limited scholarships and UK's 2011 signing class, the easiest way for me to explain the numbers and contingencies is to offer a link to the discussion I posted on the Visual Boxscore board. Please see "Clarifying UK's current football roster and scholarship numbers"...

  5. None of this still makes sense. We have 11 scholarships. My thoughts are this:
    2 DT's 1 DB/Safety
    3 OL 1 DB/Corner
    1 Lb 1 WR
    1 QB 1 TE

    We signed plenty of DE's in this last class. If you disagree I understand this is just my opinion.

  6. We've broken down the schoarships a number of times on this site. The Cats graduate 10 seniors so the 2011 class projects to be small. One thing to remember, there could be one or two players who could go on academic scholly's and there is always some attrition. Sometimes coaches tell players their scholarships are year to year and not a four year commitment. The numbers always work out.