Saturday, June 12, 2010

More than 16 teams!!

Is it possible that at least one of the conferences votes and becomes larger than 16 teams? I for one could see it happening. I could see the SEC firing the 1st shot on this and going for 20 or even 24. Highly, Highly unlikely, but a possibility.

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  1. As long as the NCAA runs the D-1 football season in a 12-game regular season format, I question whether huge conferences are practical. Even if UK cancels its OOC schedule, the Cats could only play three-fourths of a 16-team conference in a given season. And, of course, no one will want to stop playing OOC opponents, as this is the basis of many of the big rivalry games as well as important intersectional match-ups.

    IMO, the current negotiations to expand the PAC Ten, Big Ten, and SEC are being driven by TV money, and have little or nothing to do with what is best for the programs in other respects. Notre Dame and several of the major conferences are due to renegotiate major TV contracts in the next year or two. Everyone is jockeying for more leverage in their negotiations with the TV networks.

    Most of these D-1 schools are seeing their operational expenses expand rapidly. Recruiting is more expensive than ever, and will continue to cost more as it becomes evermore competitive. Many schools need to add facilities or improve their current facilities. All of this is very expensive. Most have already increased the cost of season tickets, and they are beating their private donors to death. TV is the best remaining source for more money.