Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Predicting the SEC Race

The Bleacherreport.com predicts every SEC Conference game for the 2010 season here. Just so you know, UK is predicted to go 2-6 in conference with wins over Auburn, and Vandy.


  1. Obviously, someone who takes on an ambitious project such as this is just shooting in the dark. But, the author bases his picks on some false assumptions and some hocus pocus.

    For example, he is assuming that with one returning starter our OL will be awful. And, I cannot blame him for such an assumption. However, I think it is totally erroneous. Despite returning only one starter, we are returning a bunch of big, talented guys with a LOT of game experience. Our OL will be much, much better than any outsider could be expected to believe.

    Secondly, he picks three losses, well, just because. He picks USC and UT just because we haven't beaten them in forever -- or in the case of Spurrier -- ever -- and he picks MSU just because he says the trend of the road team always winning cannot continue. In a normal world, that should not matter. (Of course, in our world, it often does!)

    So, we should do better than the 2-6 he is projecting.

  2. Honestly, I think the Cats are seven win team in 2010. If they win more, I would call it a bonus. 2011 will be the year for UK to really climb the SEC ladder. GO CATS!