Monday, June 21, 2010

Top 5 on your Board

Let's say that you are Joker Phillips and you have a magic wand. With this magic wand, you can make any 5, 2011 recruits which hold offers to UK, actually verbal to UK (they can not be verballed to another school). Which 5 recruits do you choose to put the hex on?


  1. shamir jeffrey
    zach west
    lamar dawson
    nick martin
    christian coleman

  2. Hard to argue with those 5. In order:


  3. The Cast must add another stud OT opposite Darrian Miller. Nick Martin would be great. Ray Ball and Jonah Austin are a couple of others. I think Martin being a legacy recruit has to be a top priority. DT is another position of great need, so Isiah Norton and or David Washington are two names to keep an eye on. MLB is another must and I think we all know this is where Mr. Dawson comes in. Floyd at DE would give a huge potential pass rushing presence and lastly, I'll go with Eilar Hardy. Can you imagine UK signing two four star safeties in Faulkner and Hardy? Our future in the Secondary would be outstanding.

  4. ^Oops, should say the CATS.

  5. Zach West OG
    Nick Martin OT
    DeAnthony Arnett WR ot Shamir Jeffrey
    Isaiah Norton DT
    Eilar Hardy S
    Kent Turene OLB
    Damian Swann CB

    I think that we are stacked at MLB so L Dawson would be great but we have greater needs and that is the backup position for Jon Davis

    Norton helps with the D front which is a huge need

    N Martin and Z West go without question

    Another stud WR would be great but we could kick them out if needed

    Kent Turene would go a long way in the SLB department

    D Swann would be huge

    As the above poster said E Hardy would be awesomw with G Faulkner

    Of course we could go for 10 : }

  6. Shamier Jeffery QB/WR
    Nick Martin OT
    Damian Swann CB
    Lamar Dawson MLB
    Jesse Hayes DE

    also id throw in a wild card Rickey Lunford, for some reason im really interested in his size and speed.

    If the cats could get ahold of those 5, hold onto the committs we have and throw in Zach West thats a heck of a haul