Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2008 Recruiting Class Evaluation

In this 3rd installment of looking at UK Recruiting classes that will influence the 2010 UK Football team, we look at the class of 2008. It should be noted that these players are now considered upper classmen and should have at least begun to make some kind of impact on the team, of course there is natural attrition due to academics, injury and general wash outs. This class should also be a part of the backbone for the 2010 season but unfortunately, that lot has fallen to the 2009 class which is red shirt freshmen and sophomores.


Randall Cobb: Mr. Everything. At some point his name will be in the Ring of Honor. He now has over 20 TDs which is a very good college career, yet he still has 2 more years to add to that total. After the injuries in 2008 (to D. Lyons and D. Locke), he was basically the only offensive threat that we had on the team. He has been Mr. Everything for the team (WR/QB/RB/PR/KR), so whatever accolades that he gets are not enough. He is probably in the Top 10 of all time for skill position players which are not fulltime QBs.

Winston Guy: Safety. Winston came to UK very highly heralded out of HS, during his tenure, he has played pretty well, but there is one thing about his game that he really needs to step up----tackling. Instead of trying to block tackle people, he needs to start wrapping them up. He has the potential to be very good and the UK version of Ed Reed, but until he corrects this issue, he will only be a good player. The decision belongs to Winston, the price is millions of dollars in potential contract money, Winston, please make the right decision.

Danny Trevathan: WLB. Danny came in as a safety, but was immediately moved to the WLB position. He has shown the ability to make plays and take his game to the next level. His experience and leadership will be highly needed for the 2010 season. Like Cobb and Guy, he is a very good player for this team, and he should at least get a look by a team to play on Sundays.

Taylor Wyndham: SDE. Taylor was a redshirt freshman in 2009 who really flashed talent at times. He has spent the offseason rehabbing a shoulder injury and looks to return to form at Fall Camp. Taylor has added bulk and shown some speed in getting up field. Taylor needs to work on getting stronger and adding muscle. His non stop motor is probably his greatest asset, and he should again be a starter as long as his should is healed.

Cartier Rice: Cornerback. Cartier is one of the smaller Corners on the team, but by all accounts had a huge Spring Practice. Rice did get extensive playing time in 2009 which will also make him better this year. He has shown the ability to make plays, yet he also gave up some last year as well. Look for him to be a key reserve this year and possibly contend for a starting position in 2011.


Matt Smith: OC. Matt started the Miami game in 09 due to a suspension by J Gonzalez and immediately broke his ankle. Most people think that the Center position is his for the 2010 season, but there may be others who have something to say about that namely J Lanefski (if he is healthy), and possibly a couple of other players. His position is one of the most contested entering the 2010 season, if he wins the starting job, it will not be by default. Grade: INC.

William Johnson: WLB. Johnson enters the 2010 campaign as the probable #2 WLB behind D Trevathan. He has been in the system, so he knows the playbook better than the other competitors for the job. As yet, he has made almost no impact on the field, but also like others, he now has the opportunity especially if something happens to Danny T. Grade: INC.

Chandler Burden: OLT. Chandler has previously been assigned to the D-line, but that changed this offseason. The coaches moved him over to the offensive side to compete with B J Murphy. Chandler has great size and feet which are absolute requirements for a first rate OLT. Chandler seems to be willing to pay the price, knows what is at stake and is willing to pay that price. He also seems farther along than most of us thought that he would be at this point in his career. GRADE: INC, but if he has 2 monster years for the CATS at OLT, not only will he be drafted, but he would also go into the A list for this article. A solid career probably puts him on the B list.

Collins Ukwu: DE. Collins came in as an undersized DE. He has gotten stronger and the hope is that he begins to become a playmaker for the team this year. Last year, R Brooks raved about him, but he never really had any type of impact. If he fails to establish himself this year, he may get buried on the depth chart and never recover his career. Grade: INC.

Dave Ulinski: OL. Dave redshirted his freshman year and came back to play on special teams last year. He has a nasty attitude, but concussions have really wrecked havoc on his career and life (due to headaches). Another moderate concussion probably ends his career which is sad. If he gets healthy and stays healthy, he is probably the #2 ORT or the #2 OG behind L Warford or S Hines. Grade: INC.

Aaron Boyd: WR. When he committed to UK the Big Blue Nation jumped up and down in anticipation. Mono, weight, attitude, and speed have worked to keep him suppressed on the depth chart. Aaron really needs a huge year in order to redeem his career. If he chooses to sulk, he might not have the opportunity to make any kind of mark for the team. Grade: INC.

Gene McCaskill: WR. Gene came to UK as an undersized player. His career so far has been undistinguished and is probably getting buried deeper on the depth chart. By all accounts, Gene is a great dude. Something about him says HS coach. Grade: INC.

Trevino Woods: OL. Trevino came to UK as an O-lineman. Much like Gene M. he has had an undistinguished career and seems to be on the way down on the depth chart. He has a cool name, and is listed as the #2 ORT behind Brad Durham. Grade: INC.

Sean Stackhouse: TE/OL. Sean came to UK as a TE, but was switched to an OL that has now been switched back again. Sean looks to get buried on the depth chart unless he has a monster breakout year. Again, a great dude, but seems to be slipping. Grade: INC.

Matt Roark: WR. A special teams demon that can block punts and amass penalties in the same game. His defining moment may have been the Vandy game in 2008 when he had 3 roughing the punter penalties in the same game. He has made a few catches, but does not really look to be an impact player, he too looks to be moving down the depth chart unless he can begin to make some type of statement on the field. He has great length as a WR at 6 ft 4 in, but really has not distinguished himself. Grade: INC.


  1. Just a quick note. Marcus Davis started the Miami game last year and was the one who broke his ankle. Smith then came in and finished out the game.

  2. This is the second time you've referenced McCaskill slipping in the depth chart. I'm curious who you're hearing it from (not doubting, just wondering).

    Matthews and Cobb are obviously our top 2 receivers. But who will realistically challenge McCaskill for the 3rd spot? Only LaRod King really has a shot. Fields has been injured his entire career and has virtually no experience and Roark has as many penalty yards as receiving yards. After that it's all walkons and the freshmen class, which has no true WRs on it.

  3. ^ Watch out for Brian Adams. He's the key. Also, it would be nice if Aaron Boyd could step up some. But we will see. One other thing...I could see Raymond Sanders lining up in the slot some or motioning out of the backfield and lining up as a WR. He has great hands and would be nice to get him the ball in open space.