Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nord to replace Ortmayer? is reporting Illinois Tight End coach Greg Nord will replace Steve Ortmayer at Kentucky. So much for the last post. Click here to read his resume.


  1. I think many will be very excited about this addition, myself included. Nord has been on UK's wish list for a long time. He has a great track record, is a UK grad with great ties in the state, and, by all accounts is an excellent recruiter.

    But, who will COACH the critically important Special Teams?

  2. Was Ort a coach? I did not think that we had a ST coach for the last several yrs?

    Oh well

  3. Nord certainly knows Louisville and how to recruit there. I think it will be a good hire and I'm glad to see Joker going into his first season with a full deck. It's his ass on the chopping block now and he needs a coaching staff willing to pull their weight on the recruiting trail.

  4. I'm not sure this is a possibility but I have heard someone suggest that Joker could coach ST. Seems like there is a lot of areas to cover in that position, and I am not sure that he won't want to pay a little more attention to the WRs for a while. I think the upgrade in recruiting there will be well worth the trouble.

    Also I wonder if the performance of our TEs last year didn't hurt Ort, although we did have some injuries and lack of talent. Maybe someone else could have lit a fire under Grinter. Nord does seem to have a very good record with TEs, which could also be a big plus.