Thursday, July 1, 2010

Replacement for Ortmayer?

With Joker making another change to his staff, who are the candidates to replace Ortmayer? Most would guess someone who has a connection to Joker Phillips. Last year Wes McGriff (Miami), Gerad Parker (Tenn-Martin) and Dave Lockwood's (West Virginia) names all were rumored as candidates to join the program.

Considering McGriff said last year he wasn't leaving Miami and Lockwood is coaching at his alma mater, Parker could be the logical choice. He is currently UTM's recruiting coordinator and this could be his chance to return to his alma mater.

You can click on the links to read the profile for each of the names above.

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  1. I fully realize and totally understand that recruiting is the life-blood of college football. And, I fully endorse Joker's emphasis on recruiting and his insistence that every member of the staff contribute substantially toward that effort.

    However, if there is one position on the staff where "teaching" may be every bit as important as recruiting, it is the Special Teams coach. Special teams is such a critically important part of the game and requires such specialized skills, that i think you absolutely MUST have someone with ST coaching knowledge and experience.

    An ex QB might coach WRs and a former WR might coach DBs. However, I just do not think you can fit just anyone into an ST coach. In short, whoever replaces Ortmayer needs to be able to coach ST as well as recruit.