Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Southern Pigskin takes a look at the Cats

Monday, July 19, 2010

SouthernPigskin takes a look at the Cats
Primarily, the publication takes a look at our quarterback position and profiles the options under center and the possibilities that we have coming into the 2010 season. As expected, the article gives deserved kudos to Derrick Locke and also mentions the rewards of Randall Cobb being able to concentrate on his true position which is wide receiver. While some fans may argue and petition for Cobb to see a large percentage of his snaps in the "WildCobb" set, it's important to remember that, like Darin McCluster from Ole Miss, Randall can best be utilized when he can get the ball in space and make the most of his god-give talent. In the end, SP talks about our front four on defense and how Coach Turner is moving from a read/react scheme to an attack mode. Basically, the DT's are now going to an upfield one-gap scheme versus the two-gap control mode that we've witnessed in the past. Either way, Joker Phillips has taken the reigns and has set the tone with a new era of Kentucky football. It's going to be an exciting ride.
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  1. You make a very good point about Randall Cobb being more effective when used as a wide receiver, as long as UK's QBs can actually deliver the ball to Randall in space. Randall is very dangerous as a slot receiver because the match-up in the middle of the field is usually not very good for the defense. A lot of fans are under the mistaken impression that Cobb is more effective in the "wildcat formation", but game film shows Tennessee and Clemson schemed very well against the "wildcat" late last year. UK's QB play was poor in both of those games, and Cobb really took a physical beating.